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Dutch Chrysanthemum

Dutch Chrysanthemum

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Floral Cushion Covers that just pop with color, originality and design!

The Dutch Chrysanthemum cushion cover comes in six different colors, enabling you to block colors or mix and match - creating a bouquet effect. The flower is attached to the top of the cushion cover giving a stunning floating effect.

Made from Holland fleece with a spliced weaving process, these cushion covers are just gorgeous. We love the range of colors in this set - dusky pink, Irish cream, sunny yellow, sky blue, emerald, and peacock blue.

These cushion covers are 45cm x 45cm. Washing: Preferably hand wash or use a delicate cycle washing machine cycle. Air dry only as placing in a tumble dryer may lead to shrinkage.

Cavendish Designs also stocks Cotton Cushion Inserts.



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